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Know how to handle an accident

Follow these steps for your own security

We understand that an accident can be very stressful and a hard time to think straight, but taking some time to stay calm and understand the most important steps for handling an accident will go a long way towards making things better in the long run.

Remember, people and safety first!

Always check to make sure everyone is okay and see if anyone needs any medical attention. You will want to call police, and ambulance if necessary, to have the appropriate responders on site.

Steps for post collision

When you find yourself involved in a traffic collision you need to try to remain calm and follow these steps:

1) Keep an emergency kit in your glove compartment to treat minor injuries in your car or offer assistance to anyone who needs it in the other vehicle.

2) Keep safety first - don't let shock numb you to your surroundings.

3) Exchange information

4) Photograph and document the accident

5) File an accident report

6) Know what your insurance covers

Follow these steps to help you through the troubles to follow and then come to Autobody Specialist so we can take care of all your accident needs, by working with the insurance agencies we will make sure your car is fixed and looks better than new.

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